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AdRem Software - netzwerk monitoring - Webkatalog & Webverzeichnis
AdRem Software - netzwerk monitoring - freeware

AdRem Software - netzwerk monitoring

Webseite URL: http://www.adremsoft.de 
Beschreibung: AdRem Software has a proven track record in helping businesses gain profits from the money invested in their IT infrastructures. We help companies to increase their productivity due to the automation of repetitive tasks and policy-based network-monitoring model. Huge amounts of network data gathered by the software are presented as timely and meaningful information thanks to the intuitive GUI design and built-in intelligence. NetCrunch enables IT teams to eliminate performance and technology inefficiencies associated with the reactive and segmented network management approaches. NetCrunch users can stay ahead of disruptions, being able to detect and resolve problems faster, and allocate resources more effectively. On a higher organizational level, this allows IT shops to transition to a preventative, proactive, and unified operations model.

Kategorie: freeware
Hinzugefügt: 25.04.2011 15:04:27

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